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Prof. Tomas Albrektsson belonged to Brånemark’s original team behind osseointegration
and Albrektsson has today worked more than 50 years in the fields of oral, craniofacial and
orthopaedic implants. Current research activities are focussed on reasons for marginal bone loss
around oral and orthopaedic implants and on the background to implant failure.


Novel moderately roughened oral implant surfaces have meant a clear increase of
implant survival rates than older machined or plasma sprayed surfaces. There is no evidence of
any increased levels of peri-implantitis seen to moderately rough surfaces. Dangerous marginal
bone loss may start as a complication to treatment and, if continuous, may result in activation
of the immune system leading to implant rejection. The role of bacteria is not that clear, but it is
certainly possible that bacteria worsen the condition and may combine with the immunologically
derived bone loss. Implants are not teeth and they do not follow the same laws as teeth.



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