Een gezonde basis

Thomas Hanser

The symbiosis of hard and soft tissue management for long-term esthetic implant success: a biological concept

Autogenous hard and soft tissue grafts still remain valid as a gold standard for three-dimensional reconstructions of atrophic alveolar ridges due to their bioactive potential. Above all the soft tissue management remains an important factor for natural esthetic outcome and healing of the grafted area. The use of various flap designs and soft tissue augmentation techniques can help to get appropriate soft tissue engineering in all three dimensions. The emphasis of the lecture will be on the clinical management and understanding of the biological factors that influence esthetic and long-term hard and soft tissue stability by demonstrating numerous clinical cases and videos. 

Thomas Hanser 
Deputy Director at Private Clinic Schloss Schellenstein, (Chairman: Prof. Dr. F. Khoury), Olsberg, Germany
Lecturer and Senior Academic Advisor, Goethe-University Frankfurt (Head: PD Dr. Paul Weigl / Chairman: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. R. Sader)
2012 Lecturer at Department of Periodontology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA
Lecturer at Postgraduate Academic Program Master of Science in Periodontology, Dresden International University
Lecturer at Postgraduate Academic Program German Society of Implant Dentistry (DGI)
Lecturer at Postgraduate Academic Program International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)