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Sandro Cortellini & Simone Cortellini

The evolution of periodontal surgery: from tooth extraction to regeneration

Periodontal surgery is a fundamental step in the treatment of periodontal disease, especially when dealing with patients with advanced periodontal tissue destruction. In the last century major surgical developments have been accomplished to improve the surgical techniques and consequently the clinical outcomes. The evolution is the result of new understanding of biological concepts in wound healing and the development of novel flap design, from rough flap surgery to minimally invasive surgical approaches. This lecture will provide an overview of the advancement in periodontal surgery over time.

Dr. Pierpaolo Sandro Cortellini (MD Florence 1980, DDS Siena 1984), runs a multidisciplinary Private Practice and a Private Educational Center in Florence. Visiting Professor at KU Leuven, founder of research non-profit organisations ATRO and ERGOPerio. Past President of SIdP and EFP, is involved in clinical research and education in periodontology since 1982, lectures extensively on a national and international level and is author of more than 150 publications in scientific journals.


Simone Cortellini (DDS, MSc Nijmegen 2014, PERIO Leuven 2020) works in two Private Practices in Den Haag and Waddinxveen. He is also instructor at the KU Leuven. Aside from his clinical work at the university he is a PhD researcher. The topic of his research is the application of autologous blood derivates for bone regeneration. He is an author of several scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks chapters. He lectures on a national and international level in the field of periodontology and implantology.