Een gezonde basis

Niklaus Lang

How did Periodontology establish the evidence for treatment protocols with individually optimal outcomes

In the past 70 years, treatment of periodontal diseases has evolved from a trial- and-error approach to a scientifically well substantiated and evidence based discipline. Owing to clearly formulated hypotheses, treatment concepts were developed on the basis of randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs) and systematic reviews of such studies. Hence, the EFP was able to work on standards for clinical performance for all stages of periodontitis during the past five years. Evidently, the treatment of periodontitis is no longer dependent on various interpretations of clinical experience by our academic colleagues but rather on a rich and well-established literature serving as the relevant guide.

The trends are set today and treatment philosophies are almost identical in various parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are clinical landmark studies that are recognized in retrospect to have substiantially influenced the development of today’s treatment protocols. The presentation will present such studies -some of which having been performed years ago- to be remembered as they set the stage for todays modern concepts. Needless to say, controversial issues will be addressed as well.