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Prof. dr. Conchita Martin

Orthodontic treatment of patients with severe periodontitis (stage III and IV)

Pathological tooth migration often occurs as a consequence of severe periodontal damage in patients diagnosed with stage III and IV periodontitis, leading to both functional and aesthetic issues. Managing patients at these stages is intricate, necessitating collaboration between periodontal and orthodontic specialists. Treatment for such patients should encompass periodontal therapy to mitigate inflammation and achieve periodontal health, alongside subsequent ortho.

This presentation will focus on the biological principles of orthodontic movements in teeth with compromised yet manageable periodontal conditions. It will also explore interdisciplinary approaches to diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as the sequential treatment and follow-up protocols for both periodontal and orthodontic aspects. Illustrative case studies will be shared.


Professor dr. Conchita Martin is professor of Orthodontics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). She is Dr Odont and specialist in Orthodontics after completing a 3-year postgraduate program at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) and complementary postgraduate studies at UCLA., and a Master Degree in Statistics and Experimental Design (University Autonoma of Barcelona).
She is currently Professor of Orthodontics and Research Methodology at the UCM, and Coordinator of the PostGraduate Program of Orthodontics.